Welcome To Your UK Home!

A group for expats living in Birmingham, West Midlands,
Staffordshire, Warwickshire and all points in between.

Who Are We?

Photo: Birmingham Canal Main Line by Elliot Brown


The North American Connection is an organization committed to the support of North Americans living in the West Midlands, England. The club, while essentially social, provides assistance with integration into the English community, as well as the opportunity for charitable activity. Our goal is to understand the needs of new expatriates and to help bridge their transition into British culture. We are here to provide friendship and support, as well as social, educational and philanthropic activities for our members.

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A friendly smile… A helping hand… Words of encouragement and a community of friends. 
NAC Soul Sisters

Women from around the globe sharing recipes, home remedies, thoughts, children’s stories, laughter, tears, fears, and driving test experiences of success or, for some, failure. 
NAC Soul Sisters

Lifting one another up… Supporting friends in need… Driving the newbies from here to there… Opening your heart and your home. 
NAC Soul Sisters

Strangers coming in and leaving as friends… Embracing each person… Never judging based on culture, country or ethnicity… Accepting the newcomers and knowing you will forever be changed. 
NAC Soul Sisters

Shared experiences and friendships… some brief and some that last a whole life long. New chapters being written in this story book titled, “Life!” Each sister, past and present, carries with them their scrapbook of memories from long ago. For when they find themselves yet again in a new place and another time, they can sit quietly with a cuppa and close their eyes, as they reminisce about their past life in England that somehow happened to slip by in a blink of an eye. 
NAC Soul Sisters

By Margo, one of our favorite NAC Soul Sisters


It's tax time! Let Dyke Yaxley help.

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You CAN get a taste of home delivered right to your door.

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