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The North American Connection is an organization committed to the support of North Americans living in the West Midlands, England. The club, while essentially social, provides assistance with integration into the English community, as well as the opportunity for charitable activity. Our goal is to understand the needs of new expatriates and to help bridge their transition into British culture. We are here to provide friendship and support, as well as social, educational and philanthropic activities for our members.

Although most of our members are from the United States and Canada, we also have members from other European countries, Australia, and even a few British members. The club is open to all women with a particular connection to North America or a specific interest in the club's activities. We are a diverse group of women who are here due to a short- or long-term work assignment or who have chosen to relocate to England permanently. We include women who are single, partnered or married. Many members have children - both young and adult. We come from all areas of the Midlands but most members reside within an hour's travel radius of Birmingham, including Solihull, Leamington Spa, Stafford, Derby, Worcester and Stratford-upon-Avon.


The membership coordinator within the NAC matches new members with older members to help during those first few months of transition. The NAC organizes a variety of social activities and informational events, some of which are described below. Monthly events and activities are available to all active members via our club's GroupSpaces interactive club management platform - access for members only.

Coffee Mornings, Pub Lunches, and Dinner Club

Book Club, Babes with Babes, Ramblers, Craft Days and Day Trips

Quarterly General Meetings are held in March, June, September and December at different locations in the area. The December General Meeting often includes a festive holiday dinner at a local restaurant. Quarterly meetings are usually well-attended, so we aim to have a featured, informative speaker from another expat organization, an embassy or one of our sponsors at the larger meetings.

Independence Day/Canada Day Family Picnic, Annual General Meeting Luncheon, Children's Halloween Party, Pot Luck Thanksgiving Dinner

Monthly E-Newsletter, NAC Handbook, NAC Membership Directory, Online Business Directory of our sponsors and advertisers


The NAC offers a wide range of support to its members. The handbook given to new members includes information on these topics: member directory with information about all current members, UK survival tips, travel, healthcare, volunteering, education, professional etiquette, business/professional networking groups, shopping, driving in England, banking, taxation, etc.


Download and submit our MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION to participate in our activities or CONTACT US for more information.